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Special Needs

We can make a mattress for your special needs too!

We can offer the highest bedding quality with prices lower than other merchants, because we are factory direct to you. We have been manufacturing our own products since 1953, so we know exactly how to make quality products that can beat any advertised price.

This is an example of laminating different foam densities to achieve the best support for different body types and weights.

Each layer is designed to provide the maximum feel, depending upon how one sleeps.  Laminating provides a progressive rate of feel.  Light people rest on top of the mattress and heavier people tend to conform more to the firmness of the mattress.  Foam and innerspring mattresses can accomodate a wide range of feels for specific needs.

The quality of the foam and density is important, because a higher foam quality content will enable the mattress to last longer and give a maximum comfort range.  The picture above is an example of lamination with a soft quilting top and the layers under it become firmer as it goes to the bottom.  The different colors indicate the different firmness rnage.

At Eastside Mattress, we can custom design a mattress for your specific thickness, sleeping style and firmness.

“There is no substitute for Quality”

Eastside Mattress / SlumberEase

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