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Frequently Asked Questions

How long should a mattress last?

The average mattress should last 5-7 years or more.

A mattresses life depends on how often the mattress is turned or how much body weight is in the bed.

What will last longer: a foam or an innerspring mattress?

If a foam or innerspring mattress has a poor quality of foam content both will be short lived.

However if a high grade of foam is used in both comparisons the longevity should be the same.

What gives better sleeping support a foam or innerspring mattress?

Depending on ones sleeping style (stomach, back or side sleeping) both types offer great support factors. Foam, for example, can be made any thickness, firmness or type.

Solid or limited types, while spring filled, have a minimum thickness of 7 inches.

What is the average thickness of mattresses today?

Average mattress thickness
ranges from 7″ to 16″. 

Normal mattresses range from 9″ to 10″.

Pillow top mattresses range from  10″ to 16″.

If a mattress is thicker will it still last?

The thickness of a mattress has nothing to do with how long it will last.

The quality of the foam layers and the firmness of the unit will have an effect on longevity.

What has more movement a foam or innerspring mattress?

Foam is considered passive while an innerspring mattress is more active.

A foam mattress has the ability to absorb more movement.

However with the new lower movement coils that are offset by your body, movement is largely lessened.

What are the different grades of foam mattresses being sold today?

Foam mattresses at present can be made of poly-foam, semi-dense, hi-dense, ultra cell, latex foam, and memory foam.

Most bedding manufactures are only using poly-foam and semi-dense foam layers, in order to ensure a better feeling and long lasting mattress.

We recommend using hi-density and ultra cell foam layers.

Most major manufactures are using the lower grades to save on costs.

Are memory foam mattresses for everyone?

Contrary to popular belief memory foam mattresses are most beneficial to persons of the elderly crowd and people suffering from a body condition called fibromyalgia.

Memory foam is beneficial for people needing a warmer sleep, and is beneficial in alleviating pressure points. 

It must be noted that memory foam or mattresses using memory foam are only as good as the bottom layers of foam for support.

Depending on how you use memory foam the feel can be greatly changed depending on the type of weights used in the mattress.

Memory foam is a fine product if a better grade is purchased.

How long do memory foam mattresses last?

The better quality of memory foam, 5 pounds vs. 3 pounds, and the quality of materials below the memory foam have a significant roll in determining the longevity of the foam.

The progressive layers of foam under the memory foam will benefit different types of body weights.

We ncourage the use of cotton type covers for more breathe-ability, as memory foam sleeps warmer.

Are latex foam mattresses for everyone?

Latex foam mattresses come in different natural states of quality. Some latex mattresses have more synthetic ingredients mixed with latex rubber. Current countries manufacturing latex are Srilinka, Canada, Belgium, Italy, New Zealand, and the United States.

The United States process of manufacturing latex seem to be of higher standards at present. Latex comes in three forms, solid cores, latex laminations and pillows. The feel ratio of producing latex ranges from 21 and 50 pound capacities, these numbers are based on a scale from 0-100 with 100 being very, very hard; a 50 pound rated firmness has the ability to hold up a 300 pound person. Given that information, be advised that latex must be supported on a firm support system. Latex is either used in a solid core form or laminated style with other foams. It is also used with some spring filled mattresses for a pillow top look and feel.

Latex is a fine product when a high quality of latex is used as a softening agent for people that prefer a natural solution. Some latex manufactures are using a synthetic blend to keep costs down but a more natural latex product is a better choice for a better and more consistent feel.

What are the Natural benefits of 100% latex foam mattresses?

Naturally hypo-allergenic
Latex is anti microbial and is naturally resistant to dust mites, mold, fungus, and mildew. You’ll get a healthier and happier nights’ sleep.

Made with Pure latex
Latex that is 100% pure has no fillers or additives resulting in superior cell structure and uniform density.

Naturally Breathable
Latex “breathes”, which helps in reducing body moisture to keep you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

No motion disturbance
Latex mattresses provide each sleeper with total support and an individualized sleeping surface making it highly unlikely that you will be disturbed by your partners’ movements.

Outstanding Value
Latex is one of the best upholstery materials ever used in the sleep industry. On average, it has the lowest cost per night. It never needs to be flipped or turned.

Special Note:
The better quality of latex used, we recommend 100%, the better the feel, and the longer the rate of longevity. All latex foams are not created equal. We also recommend using a cotton type cover for maximum breath-ability and softer feel.

What is better for sleeping: medium firm, firm, extra firm, or pillow top type mattresses?

Depending upon the sleeping style and body weights of the persons involved, the firmness of the mattress should have the ability to support that particular body structure and weight range. Just like buying a truck one may choose a ½ ton, ¾ ton, or 1 ton for ride and load capability.

Whether choosing a foam or spring filled mattress both have certain specifications to handle certain weight structures. Foam manufactures adhere to strict tolerances for foam densities and qualities, along with inner spring manufactures adhering to the same guidelines with reference to coil count, gauge of wire and coil configuration.

Both foam and innerspring industries collaborate in making high quality sleeping components.

Are there benefits to one sided or non-flip mattresses?

Yes, to some people, who don’t enjoy turning their mattresses, maintenance procedure is minimal. However, if the quality of the materials is poor, the mattress will actually last far less.

Most manufactures have gone to a never turn approach because the cost of manufacturing the mattresses are less, and their planned obsolesce and profit margins are maintained.

You see most name brand manufactures need people to replace their mattresses on a consistent basis, generally every 5-7 years. We however recommend using higher quality foam and spring components for maximum longevity and feel.

Most non-flip mattresses range in thickness between 10-16 inches.

Are non-flip mattresses going to replace the standard turn-able mattresses?

The trend seems to be going that way.

The manufactures of these non-flip mattresses are receiving information from customers that the less maintenance they perceive the better.

In order to accommodate everyone the manufactures will be concentrating their efforts in the area of non-flip mattresses.

New technology in the foam and innerspring arena will aid manufactures to achieve a better feeling mattress resulting in a more restful sleep.

What is mattress out gassing?

All products that are manufactured have some sort of breath-ability issues. Products that are natural such as; wool, cotton and down, out gas at a different level or rate then do synthetic products.

A cars’ interior, for example, out gasses from the dies and oils in the leather seats, to the synthetic carpets and vinyl or petrol-chemical based products. When you roll the windows up on a warm day in a car and leave it sealed up, it will eventually leave a film on the inside of the car’s windows.  This is a form of out gassing from a car’s interior. Just as in other products, where out gassing occurs, it is the process by which the product breathes.

When making a mattress, the materials used in construction out gas at different rates. Some people are more prone to out gas reactions than other people are. It is a good suggestion when manufacturing mattresses to use more breathable and natural materials. People that are susceptible to out gassing issues should choose a mattress with more natural fibers and less petrol chemical agents.

When a normal manufacturing process occurs from name brands, most mattress manufactures make up a product and immediately put in a thick plastic bag for shipping and storage purposes. The natural out gassing process is not realized so when a customer buys a mattress at a retail store that mattress could have been in the plastic for several weeks. When they receive the mattress delivery and it is released from the bag all of the concentrated out gassing occurs. Good or bad, this happens.

All products that are manufactured have a certain new smell characteristic, mattresses are no different. However, there is no set time limit, a mattress could possibly take longer.

Please be advised that all leading major brand manufactures buy there materials and components from the same distributing sources, so if a person is having out gassing issues with one manufacturer chances are you may have them with another name brand manufacture as their manufacturing techniques are the same.

Our process here at Eastside Mattress is only to seal up our mattresses after several days of out gassing. We have found that using fabrics that use heavy die concentrates and dark colors are more susceptible to intense out gassing.

At Eastside Mattress we use materials with more natural fibers and neutral tones for a more breathable aspect. The normal time allowed for a mattress to out gas could range from 1 to 12 days. All mfg’s are not created equal and do vary in certain proto call procedures .It is up to the customer to seek out good information and do the homework that is necessary to accomplish their specific needs and goals.